Manual spikes

Manual spikes

The design of this manual harrow allows a quick and controlled puncture.
The Amigos can be repressive or dissuasive depending on the needs of the user.

They are used for road controls, interception of non-collaborative vehicles or for access control and site protection.
Easy to use, the Amigos are positioned or thrown in front of the tires to trigger the puncture.

With a length of one meter, you will be able to clip them by 2 or 3 in a minimum of time, which increases your chances to position them correctly and safely in front of a moving vehicle.

The Amigos is an ideal partner for law enforcement.

• One meter in length.

• 60 hollow beveled pins on all 4 axes.

• Fair price.

• Designed and manufactured in France.

• Customizable.

But above all, terribly efficient.

AMIGOS, halte-contrôle Herse manuelle crevaison pneus voiture
Amigos Cactus Road se positionnent ou se lancent devant les pneumatiques pour déclencher la crevaison